Awesome experience! G-Wisz handles each client like it's his own and your not just a number to him. The relationship is personal but professional. 100/10 recommend. Reasonable price and a flexible schedule to work with.

Jonathan Roehl

George was absolutely amazing! He made the process so easy and with everything that I had going on it was one less thing I had to worry about. Any questions I had or depending on my schedule that day that I reached out he responded very promptly. I definitely recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you so much!

Rachel Butcher

Taxes every year are never any fun! I always aim to get them done by the tax deadline but this year I missed it. George processed my return very smoothly and Definitely took away the stress that I have on taxes. He was very thorough, reviewed my tax return from the previous year to make sure it was done right and was professional. On top of everything George seems like a Genuine Person!

Raymond Vrablic

George is the man when it comes to tax help! He helped educate me on deductions for my business and got me setup with the information I needed for quarterly payments.

- Blake Short

George got me straightened out with back taxes between TWO STATES. Everything took less than 2 months, and I even received some refunds after all of this time (!!!). George put that work in and I am grateful for his professionalism and timeliness of work. He will get you right.

Allison Hi-Hat Smith

This was my first year not doing my own taxes online. Since my husband and I bought a house last year, I wanted someone who I can trust to do our taxes. George was the first person I asked to help us out! Sadly, we owed this year, but he did everything he could to try to figure out why and even looked at our past returns to look further into it. I’m grateful that he took his time and looked into this for us! Thank you for all of your help George!

Melanie Cooksey

George made doing my taxes so smooth this year!! I was nervous because it’s been a few years since I filed my taxes because I didn’t have to. Recent changes in my life made it urgent to get them filed. George got it all straight, answered my hundreds of questions and had it done the night before filing opened. Easiest process ever. With my life full of hassles and problems, this made it a pleasure. Thanks George for all your help!!

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